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T'ai Chi Classics
Waysun Liao

Category:  Tai Chi
Minimum Level of Experience:  Advanced students and above

There are many versions of the T'ai Chi Classics -- like the Tao Te Ching, many translations and many packagings. The original classics are so brief by today's publishing standards that they are really only small pamphlets. Rather than employ the modern approach of minute technical precision, they point the way with high-level concepts that are meaningless without a high-level teacher to go with it.

For this reason all English versions of the classics have significant addenda from the "authors", in this case Master Waysun Liao. (Sifu Napier's very earliest taiji training came from a student of Master o). Liao's version is a favorite because the details he provides seem comfortable and consistent resting in the nest of the Classics. Warning: Beginners and most intermediates will find this book bewildering.

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