Authentic Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Qigong (Chi Kung)

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Houston Elemental Tai Chi - Recommended Reading
Click the boldfaced titles for commentary and other information, which will be updated regularly. Note: A number of excellent books are currently omitted because they should not even be read without close study and practice with a qualified teacher.

Highly Recommended - Tai Chi Chuan
Five Levels of Taijiquan The Five Levels of Taijiquan - Chen Xiaowang
The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi - Peter Wayne
Tai Chi In Your Life - Dale Napier
The Dao of Taijiquan - Jou Tsung Hwa
Taijiquan Theory - Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
Searching for the Way - Nigel Sutton
Chinese Swordsmanship: The Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition - Scott Rodell
Iron & Silk - Mark Salzman

Highly Recommended - Chi Kung, Nei Gong
Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical Taoist Buddhist WuShu Energy Cultivation - Shou-Yu Liang and Wen-Ching Wu
Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health - Bruce Kumar Frantzis
The Tao of Meditation -- Jou Tsung Hwa

Tao te Ching - Stephen Mitchell, translater
Taoism - Eva Wong
Taoism: The Road to Immortality - John Blofeld
The Tao of Zen - Ray Grigg
Taoism: The Enduring Tradition - Russell Kirkland
365 Tao: Daily Meditations - Deng Ming-Dao
Scholar Warrior: An Introduction to the Tao in Everyday Life - Deng Ming-Dao
The Wandering Taoist - Deng Ming-Dao
Seven Bamboo Tablets of the Cloudy Sachel - Deng Ming-Dao
Gateway to a Vast World - Deng Ming-Dao
Tao: The Watercourse Way - Alan Watts
Embarking on the Way: A Guide to Western Taoism - Solala Towler
A Gathering of Cranes: Bring the Tao to the West - Solala Towler

Of Interest -- Tai Chi Chuan & Other Martial Arts Topics
Juice Taiji Juice: Radical Taiji Energetics - Scott Meredith
Living the Martial Way - Forrest E. Morgan
The Shaolin Way: 10 Modern Secrets of Survival from a Shaolin Grandmaster - Steve DeMasco
Tai Chi Sensing-Hands - Stuart Olsen
Tai Chi Touchstones - Douglas Wile
Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan - Zhongwen Fu
There Are No Secrets: Profession Cheng Man-ch'ing and his Tai Chi Chuan - Wolfe Lowenthal
Principles and Practices of Internal Martial Arts: Combat Techniques of Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua - Shengli Liu
Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods - Robert W. Smith
T'ai Chi Classics - Waysun Liao
T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Body and Mind in Harmony - Sophia Delza
Beyond the Known: The Ultimate Goals of the Martial Arts - Dang Tri Thong
Zen in the Martial Arts - Joe Hyam
The Zen Way to the Martial Arts - Deshimaru Taisen
Xing Yi Quan Que: The Study of Form-Mind Boxing - Albert Liu, translator
Zanshin: Meditation in the Martial Arts - Vince Morris
Tao and Tai Chi Kung - Robert Sohn
Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Vols. 1 & 2 - Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming