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Dale Napier, Writer

Sanctuary of Dao

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In this book, Sifu Napier shows how eight universal principles of Tai Chi Chuan - relaxation, intention, awareness, continuity, focus, linking to your center, accepting / yielding, and detaching the ego - can be extended to improve your everyday life as well as your practice of Tai Chi.

In each chapter, he discusses the martial arts utility of the principle; then the usefulness in your daily life; and then he provides a series of exercises you can use to cultivate these principles. You do not need any Tai Chi background at all to practice these exercises, but if you do, all the better! Some of this material may seem quite familiar, some may not. But no matter what your style of Tai Chi Chuan, you will find something you can connect to.

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Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2009 Nov/Dec Yang Style Symposium Grandmasters Chen Zhenglei Wu Wenhan Sun Yongtian Ma Hailong
"Conversations with the Grandmasters" (Dec 2009)

In this article, Sifu Napier interviews four grandmasters of four of the five most prominent styles of Taijiquan from China: Chen Zheng-lei of the Chen family; Wu Wen-han of the Wu/Hao style; Ma Hailong of the Wu style; and Sun Yongtian, of the Sun style. A unique opportunity to read their (sometimes) differing responses to a variety of questions. Read about the Yang Family in its own article below, "Yang Family Comes Out In Style". Delivered by Download.
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Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2009 Sep/Oct Yang Style Symposium
"Yang Family Comes Out In Style"

Sifu Napier interviews the two heads of the Yang Family - fourth generation successor Yang Zhen-duo, son of Yang Cheng-fu; and fifth generation successor Yang Jun, his grandson. They discuss Yang Jun's appointment as successor, which took place four days before the interview, in Nashville, Tennessee, at the U.S. Tai Chi Symposium hosted by Vanderbilt University. They also discuss Yang Jun's move to Seattle in America in 1998, his organizational work, his ranking system, and other plans for the future. Delivered by Download.

"Symposium Makes U.S. Tai Chi History" (Oct 2009)

A feature article about the history U.S. Tai Chi Symposium hosted by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in July 2009. Although the symposium was organized by Yang Jun to celebrate the Yang Family's tenth year in America, it honored the grandmasters of of four other major Tai Chi Chuan styles as well - Chen Zheng-lei (Chen), Wu Wen-han (Wu/Hao), Ma Hailong (Wu), and Sun Yongtian (Sun). The symposium also featured a host of medical and scientific researchers investigating the utility of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong in easing illnesses and injuries, and preventing them. Delivered by Download.
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Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2009 Sept/Oct "Standing Exercises for Taiji Qi Cultivation" (Aug 2009)
Sifu Napier presents a series of qi cultivation exercises as explained and demonstrated by Chen Youze, 20th generation member of the Chen family and 12th generation successor of the Chen style. Delivered by Download.
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Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2007 Mar/Apr

"Yang Taiji for Combat"
(Apr 2007)

Sifu Napier serves as training dummy for Master George Hu, who demonstrates the form and function of two movements of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, an early Yang family method transmitted by Yang Jin-hou but never to Yang Cheng-fu. The two movements are Brush Birds Tail (Grasp Sparrows Tail) and Snake Creeps Down. This article clearly shows the martial usefulness of this style of taijiquan. Delivered by Download.
Price: $2.49