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Tai Chi Class: Beginners I Class Material

FAQ for New and Prospective Students

Q: What should I wear to class?
A: Wear loose-fitting gym-style clothing that does not restrict the movements of your legs, hips, shoulders, or elbows. DO NOT GO BAREFOOT OR SOCKS-ONLY. Wear the simplest shoe available, something that is flat-bottomed and does not have built-up arches or supports on the inside. If you can put your empty shoe on the floor and it can go back and forth like a rocking chair, wear some other shoe.

Q: How athletic do I need to be to take this class?
A: If you can leap a six-foot wall unassisted, you'll do fine - but that is not a requirement. You need to be able to stand up during class, unassisted. You need to be able to move your hips and knees without problems; shoulder problems can usually be worked with.

Q: Can I take this class to rehabilitate an injury?
A: It depends on the injury and the treatment. This class is not specifically a rehab class, but a lot of rehab simply involves getting exercise to keep muscles and ligaments warm and working. In that sense the class may be perfect because it provides strengthening and conditioning, but gently. But if you are post-surgery it may be premature to take the class. How can you find out? Try it out and see! Sifu Napier will guide you in your decision.

Q: Will I learn self-defense? Will I learn how to fight?
A: No. While Tai Chi is based on taijiquan, a martial art, this is not a martial arts class. This means you will not be physically threatened or endangered by any of the activities. However, the martial arts applications of the movements will be explained and occasionally demonstrated in a non-threatening manner.

Q: Is Tai Chi real exercise?
A: Yes, but it should not be your only exercise. It provides a certain type of conditioning, but weight training and aerobic training should be included in your regimen.

Tai Chi Class: Beginners I, Class 1

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