Authentic Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Qigong (Chi Kung)

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Sanctuary of Dao

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Course Background Material - Summer Solstice Celebration
Summer Solstice Celebration
June 20, 2008
1. Swimming Dragon Chi Kung - Preparation - Gathering Energy
  • Hands together in front of heart, fingers pointing straight up in prayer position
  • Hands slide down to circle around navel
  • Hands flipped open and palms upward, shoulder height, drawing energy from sun through palms
  • Hands circle up above head and meet, drawing energy from sun through fingertips
  • Hands float down in front of heart
  • (Repeat 3, 9, 36 times)
2. Heart Healing Sound
  • Element - Fire
  • Season - Summer
  • Color - Red
  • Sound - Haaaaa
  • Major organ - Heart
  • Positive emotion - Joy, Honor, Sincerity
  • Negative emotions - Cruelty, Hastiness, Arrogance
  • Stand in moderate shoulder width stance
  • Inhale, arms extend out to sides, palms out, fingers straight up
  • Float palms up above head, interlock fingers
  • Exhale, push up slightly on left side, looking through fingers, making sound subvocally
  • Inhale, draw line of red heart energy from sun, through fingers, through crown, through throat, lighting up heart with positive fire chi of joy, honor, sincerity
  • Exhale, floating hands down to thighs (if sitting) or facing navel (if standing)
  • Close eyes, inhale bright red, luminescent chi into heart, polishing it and sealing it
  • Exhale dark cloudy, negative chi and any residual emotions of arrogance, hastiness, or cruelty in any of its myriad forms
  • (Repeat 3, 12, 36 times)
3. Heart Washing Chi Kung
  • Stand in moderate shoulder width stance
  • Hold hands at abdomen, palm (lao gong) facing tan tien and exhale
  • Inhale, floating off heels, raising hands at arms length, palms facing down, like dripping water
  • At shoulder height, holding breath, circle hands around to front
  • At front, turn palms toward you, pull in toward chest and turn down again
  • Pull positive chi from the earth, up the Spleen meridian from the left big toe, up the inside of the calf and thigh, up the outer rib cage to lower part of heart, up through your heart to H-9 on the Heart meridian
  • Exhaling, push your negative chi out the Heart meridian along the inside of the left arm and out the left pinkie finger
  • Float your hands back down to your abdomen for the next repetition
  • (Repeat 3, 9, 36 times)
4. Swimming Dragon Chi Kung
  • Elaboration coming shortly